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The Main Street building, near River Road, served as the garage of the Agawam Department of Public Works for more than 30 years before it fell into disrepair. Sunshine Village purchased the building from ECS Realty Inc. for $1.5 million and is in the process of launching a community engagement program that will be available to 150 adults in January and will be open to the public daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Main St plant is still standing, but forget the Westfield scheme, which will close when Agawam opens. Later known as Kidder and Stacy's, the plant was closed in the 1990s and has been overgrown by weeds and slugs ever since.

You can have flowers sent to help you, or have them sent to you for inspection or waking up. If it is nature or an order you want to give, you can also have the flowers sent to cascio, but you do not have to send them to cascadeio.

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If you want to delve further into the historical pieces, you should definitely visit the Agawam Historical Association, which operates Feeding Hills, located in the historic building of the Greek Revival on the corner of the main and main roads. This historic museum was a legendary fire station in 1918 and has been transformed into a museum that houses a wide variety of art, history, art history and city history. The restaurant inside the stately buildings of the Greek-Revivalist Renaissance is definitely good value and you can always feel transported back.

Bring the family along and enjoy a good afternoon tea and a treat with your best friends and make the perfect breakfast choice. Agawam, Massachusetts, is a place where there is plenty of fun to be had, with a list of activities in and around Agawam that you can enjoy. Add more suggestions below to create your own personalized list or add them in the comments below!

Agawam's historic fire station is a great place to take a learning journey into local history. It is definitely a place where you can discover historical truths that are too small to be mentioned in a slightly larger museum. From an exciting journey through the history of the fire station to a visit to the historic fire station itself, AgAWam is an exciting and enriching exploration of Massachusetts.

Since anyone who visits Agawam will experience the warmth of Giovannisa's welcome and leave a sweet and lasting impression on their stomach and mind, it is a must for them to try before they leave town. Let an experienced and talented masseur work to bring relief and revitalization to your tired body and shine as you enter the Zenergy Spa.

This project is aimed at those who have already done drywall work but have a passion for learning new skills, so try this task.

At the Detox Center in Agawam, MA, we offer programs that help you begin your road to recovery. Please contact us to learn more about what our dedicated team of addiction medicine professionals can do to support you.

Programs include skills such as using washing machines and dryers, cooking, cleaning and more. Our first library was the Agawam Public Library, a collection of over 100 books from the early 20th century. The library has since been consolidated into a new, larger and more modern library with over 100 full-time staff.

I taught some students at Keene High School, then I went to the Keene State Job Office and there were two listings for me, so I took it up and taught there for 35 and a half years. I loved the class so much that I got bored after I retired from West Springfield High in 2005 and decided to return to the classroom. At the time, there was no thought that I would become a full-time teacher at the Agawam Public Library, but I did so as a student and then as an associate lecturer.

My granddaughter, six, and I took her to see UMass play football against Toledo at Gillette Stadium, which they won, so I'm proud of her.

Roberta loves nature and nature and enjoys hiking and camping in national parks across the country. She has spent many years with her husband and family, enjoying hiking, camping and other outdoor activities in New England and her home state of Massachusetts. When she began running a Scout summer camp on Long Island in Cooperstown as a young woman, she understood the benefits of the camp for children. I have been a great fan of art since childhood and enjoy the art of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, writing, music, painting and writing. I also keep myself physically fit by cycling through the streets of Agawam for over a decade and I walk, run, ride, swim, ski, snowshoe hike, mountain bike and hike.

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More About Agawam