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In the beautiful area we live in, there are various Western Massachusetts special events that take place throughout the season. We have compiled a list of things our friends on the ground like to do to feel connected to our community.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, Pynchon Point is the place you are looking for, and The best part about this event is how much our dogs love this activity. Spend some time lurching around, just enjoying the view, connecting with friends and family or just doing what most dogs do. Our favorite is definitely the 75-foot cat in the hat balloon, but the balloons represent the good that Western Mass has to offer.

Local events reflect the joyful beauty of the season, and Western Mass offers a wide range of activities throughout the year. Parks and recreation offer world-class events and facilities, making it an ideal choice for enjoying sports activities in a peaceful setting. If you would like to learn more about other events, events or other events in WesternMass, just have a look at our event list and adjust your schedule. We try to provide the most up-to-date and accurate event information, but changes and cancellations may occur, so please check the official event websites for details.

Our safety and well-being will always be our top priority, and we are monitoring CDC and local guidelines to find the best ways to bring you experiences of hope and healing this fall. Every effort we make now can make our community a better, healthier place and work well into the future.

While the May event is the culmination of the work done so far, the organizers want the Agawam Cooler Community Challenge to become a continuous project throughout the city. A public event is planned for Saturday, 5 May, from 5.30 to 7pm at AgAWam High School, and an open day on Sunday, 4 June.

You will also have photos taken at the OOTD Selfie Station, participate in memorial and healing activities and have the chance to take a photo with us at our OOTd Selfies Station.

Participants must register for ADVANCE to attend the face-to-face meeting, receive the OOTD Podcast, receive a virtual annual benefit from the Darkenss Expereince, and take ADVANATGE to this year's ADVANCED Virtual Compenents. Additionally, all registered participants are invited to join AFSP and the Massachusetts Darkness Experience for a Facebook Live appearance by NECN. Those who are eligible to attend the event are asked to follow the social dissociation guidelines in order not to receive any safety complaints.

This year's event will be a HYBRID event, bringing together students from Agawam High School and Massachusetts Darkness Experience to follow CDC and local safety guidelines and lead the fight against suicide. The students and their efforts will also be featured in a public event on May 23 at AgAWam High School.

The event is divided into two events: Big Air, where dogs try to jump as far as they can, and Extreme Vertical, where their ability to jump is tested. The record for the two-day Big Air event also includes the largest race in western New England, with a 5,000-meter run, a 1,500-mile bike ride and a 10-kilometer run.

On May 15, 1636, William Pynchon purchased land on both sides of the Connecticut River from the local Pocomtuc Indians, known as Agawam, which included land in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and part of it in the town of Feeding Hills. There is no braver woman than Anne Sullivan, who was born near the Forage Mountains in Massachusetts. She was the first woman to set up her own business with the AgAWam Hotel at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 3 in Agawsam. Agawattsam has a history of its own, from its beginnings as a small town in 1811 to its current status as one of New England's most popular tourist destinations, with the Feeds Hills operated by the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Agawam is located at number 42 - 071961 (72 - 644097) and is considered to be in the Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area. This historic spot was once the first train station on Route 1, connecting Agawsam to West Springfield.

Generations of Agawam families have visited this bar since 1977 and we still know it is a great place to chill out after the occasional Super Bowl reunion. Captain Jimmyas has a delicious selection of fresh seafood and seafood to choose from, so don't miss out on the special treats with fresh seafood that they have to offer. Anyone who visits Agawsam, with his stomach in his head, experiencing the warmth of Giovannisa's welcome and leaving a sweet, lasting impression before leaving town, must try it - for those who are trying to leave town. The Springfield Annual Pancake Breakfast, which is usually held in downtown Springfield in May, is a must-see, but there will certainly be a catch on the day.

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More About Agawam