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The PREMIUM Disc Jockey Company has been in existence since 1990 and we are proud to be a family business that ensures excellent customer service and safety at all our events. We specialize in creating high quality disc jockey music for all ages and all levels of musical ability and look forward to performing throughout the East Coast and beyond.

We have activities all the time, we have family reunions or just come in and celebrate a pizza for the residents. We have moving music, cookies, and there are always activities and now and then a man playing the piano and singing along.

If you need a folk, jazz, flute or singer for a one-off performance, you can contact kcflutists. We also address classically trained persons, but please contact us first if you are interested.

Give our customers what they are looking for and provide excellent service for your next event. Offer our customers the best possible service and the highest quality of music for their next events. Offer your customers a great experience and an excellent experience with a high level of quality and look forward to providing you with excellent, high quality services for the next event.

Look no further, the Party Zone is one of the most popular areas in the Boston area for a great party experience and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Flip and Doug created the unique taste of BBQ that they created in the Las Vegas Valley, earning them the first ever BBQ Award for Best BBQ Barbecue in America. Kristin is responsible for Big Hank's House Smoker, creating the dessert menu and the house - with raspberry and grill sauce.

We are working with Johnson & Wales University to give our current students the chance to work in the kitchen while enabling them to earn credits for college. During this time we also work part-time - as a part-time student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMass) School of Business. We are starting with the opening of a new restaurant at GameWorks and training of employees both in-house and on site. Questions about the permit procedure or application can be directed to the mayor in tow.

In August 2017, Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni presented evidence to the Hampden County grand jury, which wanted to take a DNA sample from a list of people. This list was drawn up for verification by persons of high standing who had previously refused to voluntarily provide samples for DNA testing. The charge of kidnapping and rape is an arrest that goes far beyond the statute of limitations.

He also said he had received a message from his roommate the previous evening informing him of a warrant for his arrest for rape and sexual assault. The state police were at his residence to hand him the papers, but Shara wrote that it would be a "DNA warrant" and send his life away. Then the Hampden County grand jury asked Hampden Superior Court to allow investigators to take a DNA sample from Gary SchARA, as it had been previously developed.

Shara wrote a document that amounted to a confession of the crimes committed against Lisa Ziegert. The document was turned over to law enforcement, which led to a list of all his encounters in Connecticut. After that list was finalized, a grand jury met to begin an investigation.

During the execution of the warrant, several items likely to contain Shara's biological material were seized and taken to the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory for investigation and analysis. In September 2016, a phenotype was created that included a blood sample from Lisa Ziegert's blood and a hair sample. Over the course of 2017, investigators returned to various lists of people who had been developed over the years, well over 300 in total.

In the letter, Shara wrote that 25 years ago she kidnapped and murdered a young woman. Through this experience I have learned that you have a real passion for the back of the house. Lisa's body was discovered in the woods just a few miles from the scene of her abduction. The note reads: 'Whoever found her body, I apologize to you for any psychological trauma you have suffered.

Kristin was then given the opportunity to move to Toronto, Canada, to record with Eddie Bullen and perform with his band, the Flacks. After returning to the States, she began traveling through the recording studios and tracks of the East Coast as an artist, producer and advertising executive.

Looking for a new adventure, Kristin packed her bags and started working for GameWorks in Las Vegas to help launch the new "GameWorks 2.0" in the city square. She then joined the staff of the New York Department of Transportation, where her training in policy and procedures quickly led her to a position as Operations Director of the Department of Public Security and Homeland Security.

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